AfriLight was created to aid new students in settling down into their new foreign environment as seamlessly as possible. Our goal is to buffer the social, educational and cultural differences in order to improve African student’s general performance. We endeavor to link new students with the ever growing African community. We offer a realistic orientation to the new African students because they can identify with us as African students and also as experienced alumni of the Hungarian Educational system. We serve as a direct communication link between prospective students and the Universities; providing them with advice and answering any queries or questions they may have.

We ensure to provide their immediate needs such as airport pickup, accommodation, proof-reading of accommodation contracts, Immigration processing and more.

With regard to our Orientation program, we explain the educational system and provide more in-depth information about each student’s University and course. Our policy is to maintain contact with the new students for a specified safety period of 6-8 weeks from arrival. Students may still contact us outside of the safety period if the need arises.