The student population contains an interesting mix of nations. This includes Nigerians, Asians, Scandinavians, Germans, Arabs, Ghanaians, Israelis, and Cameroonians to name a few. The African community has quite a strong presence in Debrecen. Most of the African students attend The New Covenant Church (NCC) while there is also Catholic Mass for students in English at St. Laszlo church. There are two other churches that have Sunday worship in English, Life church and The House. Students have the option of attending church according to their denominations. Muslim students also pray at the student hostel.

Transportation In Debrecen

Debrecen city has a wide network of transportation. It has two tramlines running between the major train station and the school area, which happen to be on opposite sides of the city. Buses literarily run all over the town covering locations not trans versed by the tram and even coinciding with tramline areas. Most students live around the tramline for easy and quick transportation to the University and shopping centers. Monthly student tickets can be purchased from the DKV stalls, Kossuth main building (within the university) or from any post office. The monthly ticket covers transportation on trams, buses and trolleybuses within the Debrecen area. These monthly tickets require your student card confirming your active student status to be valid. You will need to write down your student card number on the ticket to make it useable.

Single tickets can be purchased from newsstands, grocery stores and from the driver although a little more expensive.

Taxis are also available and offer students a cheaper tariff rate. Taxi cards can be used to collect points from trips made within the town. These points can be accumulated and used to pay for a trip or two (depending on the number of points).

City Taxi 00 36 52 555-555

Főnix Taxi 00 36 52 444-444

Registration at the University of Debrecen

Registration is the most important step to take in securing your student status in Hungary. Without complete registration, all other documentation to make you legal in Hungary cannot be made. Documents and all information about registration will be provided to our students during Orientation.


A valid health insurance for the period of your studies is a requirement for registration each semester. The University offers a compulsory combined health and travel insurance. The insurance fee is included in the tuition fees for students of the Medical School. The insurance contract can be used for visa and residence permits application.

Useful Telephone numbers

Call code of Hungary 00 36

Call code of Debrecen 00 36 52

Emergency 112

Ambulance 104

Police 107

Fire Department 105

Office of Immigration and Nationality 00 36 52 503-840

Taxi: O652444444

Practical Necessities

 Here is a rough estimate of the cost of living in Debrecen:

Accommodation: from 70 000 HUF

1 kg loaf of bread: 250-300 HUF

1 l of milk: 180-300 HUF

1 pack of 10eggs: 300-500 HUF

1 pack of cereal: 400-1200 HUF

1 bottle of beer: 150-400 HUF

1 bottle of wine: from 400 HUF

Monthly tram/bus pass for students: 3 500 HUF

Single ticket (bus, tram): 300 HUF (400 HUF if you buy it from the driver)

Cinema ticket: approx. 1090-1700 HUF

There are small shops open 24/7 where food is more expensive than in the bigger food stores

Cell Phone Network Companies

In Hungary, three phone companies offer cell phone service:

-Vodafone (

-T-Mobile (

-Telenor (

You can buy cell phones at various stores all around Debrecen, but do not forget to take your passport with you.


Some prescription-free medications for general use and their approximate prices:

Aspirin (pain killer) HUF 900

Rubophen (against fever) HUF 950

NeoCitran (against flu) HUF 1.000-1.500

Advil (pain killer) HUF 800

Vitamin-C HUF 800

Strepsils (against sore throat) HUF 1.000


During public holidays in Hungary schools, shops and offices are closed.

-1st January – New Year’s Day

-15th March – memorial of the 1848–1849 Revolution of Independence against the Habsburg Monarchy

-Easter Monday

-1st May – Labor Day

-White Monday (seven weeks after Easter Sunday)

-20th August – St. Stephen’s Day, the establishment of the Hungarian State

-23rd October – in memory of the Revolution of 1956 against Russian rule, the proclamation of the Republic

-1st November – All Saints’ Day

-25th–26th December – Christmas

Useful tips:

-       Always purchase a ticket for public transportation prior to boarding, DO NOT get on without it and validate it on board